The Most important email you’re probably not sending

Let’s take a look at the most important email you’re probably not sending. Which is a thank you or confirmation email after someone opts into a form on your website.

Now, I’m a firm believer that Digital communications should aim to be as close to real life interactions as possible.

So, imagine this, your walking down the street and someone comes up to you and introduces themselves to you and wants to know more about you and you just stand there and don’t say anything. Awkward right?


That’s what it can feel like when you’re filling in a contact form on someone’s website. As a potential customer you spend all this time searching for someone, you decide they might have what you want and so you reach out to them. And you also share your valuable contact information and when you do this, in most cases you get nothing, or you might get an automated thank you message saying someone will get back to you, but it’s not enough.

As a business owner, not showing love to someone after they fill in a form on your website is such a wasted opportunity, because when someone shows interest in your products and services is the exact time that you should put your best foot forward and tell them why they’ve made the right decision filling in that form. You share with them the best things about you and why they should want to do business with you. Remember they’re only a few clicks away from filling in someone else’s form and forgetting. So, you need to nurture that lead while it’s hot.

The best things about you could be photos, videos, case studies or testimonials. But you’re also going to want to tell them what you’re going to do and what you want them to do.

For example, call in them with all of their information in the next 12hrs and get them to go and follow you on Facebook or what this video about the product or service they’ve just enquired about.

Now this can be achieved in 2 different ways; 1 by a great welcome email or 2 by a custom thank you page that the user is taken to after they’re submit your form. The thank you page is great because it’s instant and the email is great because they get a copy to keep.


Now obviously having both of these with slightly different content on them is the best approach but this will depend on what systems you have in your business.

For me, I love the Active Campaign system because it will enable you to do this and much, much more.

So have a think about how your potential customers engage with you on your website and how you can make that experience more natural for them. Don’t treat them like data, treat them like real people and you’ll have much more success in converting them from people interested in your business to customers.