Create your 1st Family Video Story

Now if you’re like most people I know, this is what you’re currently doing with video on your mobile device. Oh little Johnny is doing something cute – you grab your phone and start filming, you might upload it to Facebook or it might just stay in your gallery until you stumble across it again. Now this is a video clip, it’s like a photo, it’s just one clip without a context.

Where a video story is a combination of 1 or more video clips or photos with a common theme or context. In this course, I’ll teach you how to create better quality video clips, but we’ll mainly focus on creating amazing video stories. That’s because video is all about storytelling and usually to tell a story you need to combine 2 or more video clips.


What does the gallery on your mobile look like? Is it a dog’s breakfast of photos and videos clips? Yes. For most people, their gallery is like a Bermuda Triangle of hundreds of photos and video over multiple years and devices that just gets worse and worse every year. It’s a mess. Mine’s like that too, except I have a folder or album in mine where I put all of the video stories I’ve made out of the media in my gallery. And that’s because a bunch of random video and photos files on your phone are hard to watch and a messy way to store your family’s precious memories. But if you invest a little bit of time and craft them into a story they last forever. They are just so much easier to watch and share and that’s because you press play on one video and see 20 video clips and photos rather than having to navigate through heaps of unsorted videos and photos in a messy unexciting folder.

So we need to change our mind set here. We need to look at these media assets as part of a story that we need to tell, otherwise they’ll be lost forever in an abyss of digital files.

I’d like you to spend a few minutes browsing your own gallery, look at all of the content you have and in your work book write down 3 stories you could create by combining this content together and making a story.  It could be about a particular holiday, time period or even person. When I look at mine I see that I’ve got some great content here from a Trip we had to Green Valley – Australia best home-made theme park – so for me it would be making a highlights holiday video out of our day.

I’d really like you to have a good look through your gallery and take your time with this as we’ll be using 1 of these Story’s in the next activity. Just remember that you’re going to need a few different video clips and photos to create a story, at least 4 or 5 clips or photos.  Remember, if you don’t have the content you can’t tell the story.

How did you go? Did you get all Three? If not, it’s probably because you didn’t have enough content on the same subject. If that was the case you’ll need to think a bit laterally and go for Story’s based on a time period like Baby’s first 3 months or a highlight of your Son or Daughters year.

The reason I’ve asked you to do this exercise, because the 1st video we are going to create together is one using the content you already have. And from my experience the best way to learn how to shoot good quality video is to learn how to edit some not so good quality video first.

So before we begin this exercise, have a break and decide which one of your 3 video stories you’d like to create and fill in this sentence in your course book. “I’m going to create a family video story about ……………… , it will be made out of the following clips” Then just write down a short description of the video clips and photos you’re going to use.

Are you ready to create your 1st Family Video Story?  Great.

Now to create our video story, we’re going to use iMovie on IOS devices and Cyberlink Action Director app for Android. If you haven’t downloaded either of these yet, hit pause and do it now