Home Movies, Mean we Never Forget

When you create home movies, you are creating a memory that lasts forever. Recently our family lost our 14 year old Australian Bulldog Pikey, in pretty tragic circumstances. He was an amazing dog a real character. He was an important part of our family and over the 14 years we had we’d experienced so much. From getting married to buying our first house and having kids.

When he died we were all devastated, especally the kids who hadn’t been exposed to death much before.  When you come across death you never want the lasting memory you have of that person or animal to be of them dead. You want it to be of the good times you had together.

For us and the kids a great coping mechanism was to watch some of the home videos I’d created. In these videos Pikey was younger, happier and full of life.  For me this is one of the most powerful things about having great home movies, they give you a window to look back on the past and remember the fun times you have with people and animals, some of which are no longer with us.

Home Movie Memories

Home Movies help us remember

Photos are good too, but video is just so more powerful. It’s the closet thing you can get to actually being there. I guess it’s because unlike a photo’s you can see people, move, hear them talk with other people. It’s almost as if they are alive.

So when my daughter says that she misses Pikey. I just grab our Home Movie USB, put it in the TV and we watch the video where she’s a baby and Pikey licks her face and she gives him a huge cuddle.

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