How much does a Business Video Cost?

I get asked this question all the time. In fact it usually goes “Hi, I want you to create a 1min online video for my website to promote my business. How much will that cost?”.  And that’s a fair question, but unless you’re creating a 1min talking head video, videos aren’t really charged on their finished time, but rather they are charged on what’s in that time. Does B-roll footage need to be shot, do you need to hire talent, do you need animations, creative concept development, how about customer testimonials in different locations, drone footage, background music or do you want to do green screen?

So I thought I’d write an article to help people understand how much they should expect to pay for different professional business video productions and what elements in the production can make it more or less expensive.  Below is a list of the most common Business videos I’ve made throughout my 10 year career and the costs associated with producing them.

Luke Brown

Disclaimer: All of the below costs are estimates and are based on 1 camera shoots, in HD with a professional videographer like me with years of experience and thousands of dollars of equipment.


1 Minute Presenter Video

This is by fair the simplest type of video to create. It will usually have a logo at the start, background music and no b-roll, no animations. Having a video like this is 1000 time better than nothing and if done professionally. The real advantage here for business owners is that it allows the customer to meet you online and build report with you before they see you in real life.
APPROX COST: $400 – $750
Costs here will vary based on how much editing is requires and if you require any animations on your logo.


1 Minute Presenter Video with B-roll Footage

This is one of the most common video’s you’ll see online, because it works. You get to meet the business owner and hear what their business is all about as well as see vision that supports what they are saying. For a video of 1 min you’d want at least 5 B-roll shots to add to your video edit.
COST: $1100 – $2500
Costs will vary if the videographer needs to shoot the B-roll in different locations or at different times. Also you may be charged extra when equipment like Dolly Sliders and Drones are used.


1.5 Minute Testimonial Video with B-roll

Getting your existing customers to do Testimonial Videos is a great way to promote your business online. And if you can combine this footage with some b-roll of your business and products you’ve got the makings of a great Video!
COST: $1100 – $3000
The ideal way to film this is to have all off you customers in the 1 place at the 1 time, but that’s not often possible. Once again if the videographer has to travel in between interviews it will cost more.


3 Minute Event Highlights Video

Event videos are good bread and butter for videographers and when quoting on them they will always have to look at 2 things; how long will they be at the event and how long the finished edit will be. The general rule with highlights videos is that less is more, it’s not a highlights video if it’s boring. Most Highlights packages are cut to 1 song.
COST: $1500 – $3000
These rough costs are based on filming for 3hrs and editing for 4


2-3min Business Documentary

When you have a complex business to explain or a wide variety of products and services you’ll need more time than a minute. In the past I’ve created these types of videos for factories, engineering services and Startups. For a business documentary you’re going to need a lot of B-roll footage and possibly some animations or graphics to break the video up and make it more interesting. Often these videos will use a voice over rather than a person talking to camera.
COST: $2000 – $5000
Factors that can alter the costs here are animation, multiple shoot locations and professional voice overs.


1-2min Creative Marketing Film

This is the hard one to work out, as you’re likely to pay for creative development, scripting, professional talent, costumes and props. The sky is the limit with this type of project, that said you can be very creative on a budget and if you can find good actors who are after some exposure you can really bring the costs down.
COST: From $1000 – $20000

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