How to Guides - Babies first 3 months

There is no bigger change in your life than having a baby, not only to your sleep, the state of your house and your bank balance, but you know have something that you love more than yourself. Babies grow up fast and during those first 3 months you’ll want to capture some amazing moments, their first bath, when you bring them home from the hospital, meeting their grandparents and their brothers or sisters and those first little smiles.

Now you could be in 1 of 2 situations here; 1 you’ve already had your baby and you want to go back and craft the video clips and photos you have into a Video Story or you’re super organised and you haven’t had your baby yet and you’re getting some ideas of what to capture and when.

Now as a parent we capture these moments because we think they are cute and we want to re-watch them and show them to our friends and family, but you’ve got to consider the other reason you’re doing this and that’s to show with your kids when they’re older. So don’t forget, what you’re doing here is very important, by you capturing these precious moments you’re giving your child, who will eventually grow up, the opportunity to look back on what they were like as a baby and what their family life was like.

No matter what situation you’re in, you’re going to have a lot of content to work with, I mean if you’re anything like my wife and I your phone will be full of short little video and photos of your baby doing super cute things.

The key thing to do with any project like this is to set a time period to work with, for example Babies first 3 months. Once you define a time period it’s all about just finding all of the best content within that time period, and using that to build a story. And these moments will be a combination of key events and just everyday moments where they might do something cute or funny. Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t create a video story of the 1st time baby meets he’s/her grandparents that would probably worth being its own video, it just means that your creating a video story that shows the highlights of that time period.


So the key things to take into consideration are:

Make an effort and set aside time to capture the key moments and events. Obviously your first priority is to be a loving parent, but make sure you get some vision of those key moments. My wife still gets a little tearing every time she watches the video of my son meeting his new sister for the first time.

Make sure you film and take photos in Landscape mode, otherwise you’ll hate yourself latter when it comes to editing as you’ll have to have black bars on the side of all of your images.

And when it comes to editing use text to help tell your story. For example, start your video on a black screen with the date that your baby was born and then go into some footage of them in hospital, then have some text that says 2 days later and show them at home.
How you craft a video like this is really up to you, but just remember you’re creating something special here that should last a life time. And in a few years when your kids are moody teenagers you’ll find great pleasure in re-watching these video to remind yourself of how cut they were once.