How to Guides - Highlight Videos

Highlight videos are exactly what they sound like, they show the best bits of the event or highlights of an event. A highlights video could be of a Birthday party, a holiday, trip to the zoo or a theme park or even just a normal day at home. The key thing here is that your capturing moments that occur over a period of time. And that’s why I love highlights videos, because they give you a time period to focus on your filming and have a clear beginning and end. This could be you getting on the plane for your overseas holiday or the kids arriving at your son or daughter’s birthday party.

So when you’re creating a highlight video, what do you shoot? As always the key thing is to not shoot everything, because the more you shoot the harder it will be to edit. Just focus on getting shots that help you tell your story, and of course make sure you try to capture anything cute or funny.

The key thing to do is just be present in the moment and use the skills that you’ve learnt during this course to capture a variety of shots of the event while still having fun yourself.

Now some of the best highlights video’s that I’ve seen are create with a combination of both Photos and Videos and obviously that’s easy to do with both. Another thing to consider is that you don’t always need to use the audio you capture while you’re filming, sometimes it works better if you just turn the volume off in the edit and use a music track.


Ok, so as I said before there literally hundreds of different type of highlights videos you could create, but in this activity I’m going to take you step by step though creating a Birthday party highlights video.

How to make a Birthday Party Highlights Video

Birthday Parties are supposed to fun so your video should be too and just like in Hollywood you have a star to focus on as well. So I like to start my birthday highlights video with a quick interview with the birthday boy or girl, and in this case my kids birthdays are only 2 weeks apart it so we had a shared party.

I’d usually film this little bit before the guest arrive, as when they do the kids will be distracted. Then, I’ll want to be able to focus on capturing shots like the Kids arriving at the party, them having fun and playing games and a couple of shots of the adults talking to each other.  It’s a highlights videos, so you want to capture a little bit of everything and obviously with a focus on the star.


Now one thing that I like to do, especially if it’s a costume party, is to do a little photoshoot.  This is a great activity to do and lots of fun for the kids, but it also gives you some great photos to use in your highlights video and break up the other footage.

Once you’ve got enough of the fun shots you should get ready for the all-important shots of cake, the candles and the song. Now this can often be bit a free for all, so I’d recommend picking a good spot before the cake comes out and planting your feet there. In most cases you’ll want to be in a position where you have the cake between you and the Birthday Star, that way you can seem them blowing out the candles and their reaction as their friends sing happy birthday to them.

I often think that this is the best shot to finish your video on. Now obviously if there are more fun and games planed you can still keep filming and always remember that when you edit your highlights video that what you cut together doesn’t actually have to be in the order that it actually happened in, you can move your shots around. As with video you can create something better than reality.