Let it Slide! RAM Motorized Slider Add-on Kit Review

I’ve had a Glidetrack dolly slider for a few years now, but it’s always been a pain in the ass to use. Yes it does slide, but I can’t make it slide smooth, even when I take a deep breath and almost go into a yoga style state of Zen I can’t get smooth footage.

So I was super excited when I stumbled across the Revolve RAM Motorized Slider Add-on Kit because it would allow me to pimp the slider I already have and give me smooth consistent footage every time.

Now I manly do video, but the fact that this unit would also allow me to do tracking time-lapse also made it quite an attractive product. You do have to change the motor and this can be bit of a pain, but it’s quite easy to do. Just don’t loose you’re Allen Keys when you’re out in the field otherwise your screwed!!!!


For me one of the highlights of the product is the little control box, sure it takes about 800 double A batteries, but it easily allows you to control the direction of your slide and the speed. From super slow to quite fast. The only downfall of this unit is that it you never know how much battery life you have left, and the only way to know that you’re down on batteries is that you can’t slide fast anymore. So I suggest you do as I do and carry around an extra batteries, just incase.

Now was super excited when the slider arrived, as the next day I was about to start a large project where I’d be shooting a lot of scenic footage. I thought that adding some nice camera movement would really help, as it can really brings video to life, especally if you frame up your shots with tree leaves or branches a little out of focus in the foreground.


Now of course this is what I’ve always wanted to do and this is why I brought a dolly slider a few years ago in the first place, but the fact that I could never get smooth movement out of it, meant I just never wanted to use it.

Is it easy to Set up?

It all depends on what slider you have, but the kit comes with everything you need for a standard install. I must admit that I did need to go out and buy 2 nuts and bolts to secure the Belt Clamps in place, but this wasn’t a big deal and only cost me $1.

So how is it to use?

Amazing!!! It enables you to get smooth camera motion every time, with minimal setup. Below is some of the footage I shoot on my Sony NEX FS100 on the Revolve RAM kit in the Redlands. Which is south of Brisbane, Australia.


How about Time-Lapes?

As I mentioned above, the Revolve RAM Motorized Slider Add-on Kit has the ability to create tracking time-lapse footage. In fact a lot of the people that buy this unit will be photographers, because everyone loves tracking time-lapes – Thanks House of Cards Opening sequence… But Basically this means the motor moves the unit super slow and you just set up your still camera to take a photo every second or few depending on what your shooting.

So how did this work for me? GREAT! Below is some time-lapes I shoot on Stradbroke Island with my Fujifilm X100T which is an amazing and fun to use camera by the way.



So after having my Revolve slider kit for a few weeks, I’m super happy. It’s a great product and has really allowed me to get the most out of my old Glidecam Slider. I no longer have to enter a yoga trance to to get smooth camera movement, I just press a button. This allows me to focus more on my shots and what’s actually happening in the frame, rather than “was that smooth enough, it felt smooth, maybe I should do it again”…

In fact it’s so easy to use I took my 6 year son with me on a recent shoot and got him to control all of the camera movement. He loved it and so did I!