How to make a Photo book with your mobile

Now if you’re like me and probably most parents, you have hundreds of great photos of your kids and your family adventures on your mobile. And this is great, but every now and then you might want to turn these digital memories into something real. Me personally, my favourite things to create are Canvas prints and photo books. In fact I really love photo books because they are kind of like a photo album and they allow you to tell a story.

So in the below short video, I thought I’d share with you how to create a great quality family photo book with your mobile phone and the Harvey Norman Photo Centre App.

Photo Book


The Steps to creating your own family photo book

The first thing to do is to download the Harvey Norman photo centre app on IOS or Android.

Available on App storeGet for Android

Open up the app and create an account or if you already have an account log into it.

Step 3:
Now this is the time where you want to think about what type of photo book you want to make and what story you want to tell. For me I love doing photo books of holidays, because you usually capture lots of great photos and it’s an easy story to tell.

Step 4:
Upload the photos you want to use in your photo book, they take a while to upload so make sure you only upload the ones you think you'll use. If you're going to create a photo book with 20 pages you'll need at least 20 images. Personally I think the more images you can put in your photo book the better.

Step 5:
Select photo book from the print at home menu and then select the type of photo book you'd like to create. Personally I like the personalised hardcover books the best.

Step 6:
Now select the photos that you'd like to use in your photo book. Press next and they will be automatically added to your photo book.

Step 7:
Now edit the layout and design of your photo book, by rearranging the photos and adding more photos.

Step 8:
Finalise your order, pay for it and then wait for your photo book to arrive in the post.

So as you can see a photo book is a great way to share your families memories and you can do it easily on your mobile phone.