Maybe Facebook isn’t the best place to store your family’s memories

For a lot of us, not only is Facebook an important social network, but its also acts as our family’s photo album and home video library.

But after the recent revelations of Facebook data leaks and the dodgy behaviour of Cambridge Analytica, maybe Facebook isn’t the best place to store your families important memories

If they give away your data so easily to swing elections in the US, what’s to stop them giving away or mistreating your media and in particular the media of your kids?  This is an important question to ask, as a lot of us have invested a lot of time and effort in storing our families digital media on the platform. 

So is Facebook a good place to store your families important memories?

Apart from what the data leaks there are a few other important reasons that you shouldn't relaying on Facebook to be your  family album.


Nothing lasts for ever
Just because Facebook is big now, doesn’t mean it will be in the future. What about in 10-15 years? And if Facebook does fall over then where will all of your family’s digital media go? We've seen social media networks come and go before and there is no guarantee that Facebook won't eventually go the same way as Myspace. 


That's poor quality
Did you know that Facebook heavily compresses the photos and videos that you post? It does this because Facebook is designed to share photos and videos and not store them or back them up.  Have you ever had a look back on the photos you posted on Facebook a few years ago and seen how small and compressed they are? They are a bit better now, but they still aren't good enough to print. 


Facebook makes you lazy
By relaying on Facebook to store our families memories we forget about the other important strategies like printing photos, making family video stories and backing up your digital media.


Should I be posting photos of my kids online anyway?
There is also the moral issue of should you be posting images of your kids online and you definitely shouldn’t unless you have your security setting set up properly. 

So I’m not saying that you should stop posting family photos on facebook, my argument here is don’t really on facebook to be your families photo album or video library, because it may not be around forever.

What should I do with my Families Digital Memories?

The first thing you should do is back up your digital memories. If you're backing up the media on your mobile you should really look at Apple iCloud or Dropbox for android. These services can automatically back up your media to the cloud when your on wi-fi. Other options of photos include Flickr and for videos you can always upload your family videos to Youtube as an unlisted video.

But, below are my favourite things to do with your families digital media:

Family Photos

Print your photos, not all of them, just the important ones. Did you know that photos last over 100 years? I doubt facebook will last that long. There are some great things you can make with your photos, from making canvas prints to put on the wall to photo books.


Family Videos

And with your videos? To get the most out of your videos you need to edit them into video stories. When you do this, you can press play on one video and watch 20 rather than have them in clips.

These days it's super easy to shoot and edit great family videos on your mobile phone. If you need help to do this check out some of the great resources on this site.