That Sounds Better! How to get better audio with your mobile device

Your family mobile videos are made up of pictures and sound and both are as important as each other. One of the best things about video is being able to record the cute things that your kids say.  If you’ve ever had to watch a video with terrible sound, you’ll find that it makes your brain hurt. As viewers, we’re much more likely to put up with bad quality video than we are poor audio. But don't worry you can fix this by using a microphone for your mobile device.

Now the microphone on your phone is designed to capture sound thats close to the camera. So that means that, it will sound ok if the subject is near the camera, but terrible if they’re a long way away. So the general rule with audio is the closer you can get the microphone to the sound source the better.



The Rode VideoMic Me the Microphone for your Mobile

So if your serious about capturing great quality home videos you need to invest in an microphone for your mobile. Like the Rode VideoMic Me. I have one and I love it, do I use it every time I film? No, but for times when I’m filming an event like a birthday party or school musical or even making a film with the kids, it’s an absolute must. It just makes the audio quality so much better. You can learn more about it by watching the below product video from Rode.

The great thing about the Rode VideoMic Me is that it only costs about $80US. It’s really small and can easily fit in your pocket or handbag. The Mic just clips onto the side of your Apple or Android Device and simply plugs into the headphone jack. The microphone also comes with a wind sock. A wind sock is basically a bit of fluff that you put over the microphone to stop wind noise getting mic. So we put the mic to the test so show you the difference in sound quality. RODE hasn’t released a VideoMic ME for the iPhone 7 yet, so if you have an iphone 7 you’ll need to use the Lightning – 3.5 mm headphone adapter that came with the iPhone 7 to make it work.

Our Microphone Sound Test


The best thing about this is that it’s a directional mic. This means it only records what it’s pointing at rather than everything. If you’ve ever filmed a school concert with your phone, you’ll find that you end up hearing the people talking next you rather than what you’re pointing the camera at. So this microphone will fix that, as it only records what it’s pointing at.

So do your audience a favour and get super close to the subject or buy an external directional microphone like the Rode VideoMic Me. Otherwise you’ll give your audience a headache.

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