Not Google Maps? You don’t Exist!

If you’re not on Google Business, you don’t exist! It’s a bold statement, but if you have a business with a shop front it’s true. One rule of business is that you need to be where you’re audience is looking for you and these days that’s on their mobile on google maps. These days people are lazy too, if they can’t find you easily they’ll just go somewhere else.


This hit home to me recently when my wife and I and our 2 kids were on a family holiday in South Australia. We hired a Britz Camper Van and heading off on a massive road trip around the state. Now, my wife and I love camping and we’re happy to go with out the creature comforts of home, but we NEED GOOD COFFEE! It’s just the way it is.

So every morning when we were woken up early by our kids. We’d grab our phone open up Google Maps and search for the nearest coffee shop to see if it was open and how far away it was. One morning we woke up and found out that the nearest Coffee Shop was a 4km drive away so we packed up the van and hit the road. The coffee was great, but on the way back we discovered another Coffee Shop 500m from our camping ground. This Coffee Shop missed out on our business and probably lots of other business, because they didn’t take digital seriously and set up a Google Business account.

If you’re in business and you have people come to your Retail Store, Cafe or even Office you need to be on Google Business so you can be on Google Maps. These days in business you need to make it easy for people to find you, because if they can’t it’s like you don’t exist.

The good thing is that it’s super easy to do and you can find all the information on how to do it here or you can watch the below video.