Are you Playing Rough? Why You Should Wrestle with your Kids

How rough are you with your kids? Are you playing rough or do you wrap them in cotton wool?  I’ve always wrestled with my Son & Daughter.  For us there is nothing more fun than clearing out the lounge room, cranking up the Beastie Boys Intergalactic and wrestling.

As parent's it's our job to prepare our kids for the real world and teaching them how to be resilient is a key part of that.  I think that it also strengthen the bond between me and the kids. And it gives us a special game to play together.

The Benefits of Playing Rough

For me the benefits of rough play far out ways the fact that the kids may learn a few wrestle moves. By getting down to their level and playing rough your teaching them much more than how to wrestle. Your teaching them confidence, resilience, empathy & fairness and helps develop their co-ordination and fitness. That said always play safe, have rules and make sure nobody gets hurt.



The benefits of rough play are even backed up in a book so it must be true. In The Art of Roughhousing, Anthony DeBenedet and Larry Cohen argue that rough play has many benefits. They say instead of teaching kids to be violent and impulsive, it “makes kids smart, emotionally intelligent, lovable and likable, ethical, physically fit, and joyful.”

So rough kids are resilient kids

My son and daughter are big now 7 & 5, and they are bit of a handful to take on together as you can see in the video, but it’s still one of their favourite things to do with me and I’m thinking it will be for a while.

Unfortunately for me I made the mistake of showing my kids a Classic Hulk Hogan V Ultimate Warrior Wrestling match and they now think it’s the best thing to jump of the chairs and onto my back while I’m down. But hey, it means I never need to see a Chiropractor.


Over the years I've coached both of my kids soccer teams. And I've noticed how much more resilient they are then the other kids. They can take a knock and not get hurt, in fact my daughter is a Honey Badger on the soccer field.  I put this down to playing rough with them.

So it doesn't matter how fit you are, it doesn't matter if your Mum or Dad.  It doesn't matter if you have boys or girls. Get a little rough with your kids and have some fun and help their development. Oh and if you want to have some fun you can even film it with your mobile device. To learn how to make amazing videos just click here