Travelling with kids? You need one of these

Travelling with kids is a tough gig! There are so many things to consider, but your number one priority should be that your kids are safe.

A few months ago we went on the trip of a lifetime to the UK and Italy. Oh and yes we took the kids... The fact that I would have to do a 24hr flight from Brisbane to London with the kids, all by myself, was a scary thought. But what scared me more was the thought of losing them while we were over there. Now, I'm not meaning being overly paranoid about them getting kidnapped and me having to turn into Liam Neilson and save them from international terrorists; although anything seems possible these days.


What I was worried about was them wondering off at tourist attractions, getting separated from them on public transport, or something happening to me and them not knowing what to do - especially in Italy where not everyone speaks English.

As parents, we want to ensure our kids are safe in any environment, but this is especially the case when you're overseas travelling with kids.


After spending some time considering the moral implications of getting a tattoo of my mobile number on the kids forearms we discovered RoadID online. 

RoadID make a wide variety of wrist bands for kids and adults that are printed with important information, like name, phone number, email address and even medical information. You can learn more about their products by going to

The bands come in a wide variety of colours and styles, which meant the kids could choose their own look and inturn meant that they were much more likely to wear them. My daughter chose a purple band and my son chose green.  

All the bands come in one size and simple instructions on how to cut them to the size of your kids wrists. My advice here would be to not make them too tight as you want them to be comfortable and be able to be used for your next trip. 

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For us the fact that the kids had the bands on at all times meant that we felt comfortable that if they did happen to wander off they would have all the information they would need to contact us. That said, we also spent a fair amount of time with them explaining what to do if you get lost. And for us, that's for them to go and find a woman and tell her that you're lost and get them to call us or the police.

Lucky for us, we didn't lose the kids on our holiday and they didn't have to use the bands to contact us. Even so, the bands certainly helped us sleep well at night and were a constant reminder to the kids to be safe and aware.

Did we have a good time on our Holiday? We sure did, it was a amazing! Check out the video below that I shot and editing on my mobile to see what we got up to in Lucca, Tuscany.