How to video the School Concert

Trying to Video the School Concert can be a tough gig! If you don’t know what you’re doing, filming your kids singing and dancing on stage, while you’re sitting down in the dark at the back of the room can be really hard.

In fact, if you go to any school concert you’ll see parent’s struggling to do to this, most of them have their phone turned around the wrong way, their zoomed to the max, holding it with one hand and trying desperately to keep it still, while trying to enjoy the moment as well.

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School Concerts, Awards Nights and Dance Recitals are important memories to capture. But how do you go about capturing the moment with your Mobile Phone?

How to Video the School Concert

5 Mobile Video Pro Tips for creating a great video out of your child's next school performance

Follow the below tips and you'll be shooting your kids next School concert like a pro.

1. Get close to the stage

When you’re filming any live performance with your mobile the most important thing you can do is get as close to the action as you can. Because although you can zoom on your phone, the more you zoom the poorer the quality of video you'll capture. If you have a device like the iPhone 7 Plus, that has 2 lenses this will make a huge difference.

2. Hold it the right way

A lot of you will be guilty of this, this is such a simple thing to do and can make a massive different to your videos. When you film video with your mobile you need hold your mobile on it's side (landscape) instead of straight up and down (portrait). Why is this and issue? For a start if you every play footage filmed in portrait mode back on a TV on computer monitor it will have black bars on the side.

3. Keep it still

Now in most cases at these types of events you’ll be sitting, which can actually make its little tough to get that perfect shot as you might have someone else’s head in front of you. So what I like to do is hold my mobile with 2 hands and either try to find something to rest my elbows on.

4. It's more than what happens on stage

Now I’d argue that a live performance like a school concert is more than just what happens on stage, you want to capture the atmosphere and the build-up to the event as well. You can dow this by getting shots of the location, the crowd and even an interview with your kids after the show.

5. Get Consent before you broadcast

Do you have permission to film other children and secondly do you have permission to use that footage online. In most cases you’ll be fine for filming, but not for broadcasting online. In fact, I’d never put any video or photos of other kids online without getting consent from their parents first.

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